Listen to the sweet sounds of pretty piano music

For over 30 years Musical Pleasures has been playing a part in growing the music industry, more specifically the renting out, selling and even servicing of pianos that may be out of tune. The company has a passion to continue contributing to the rise of professional musicians in the country, in this case pianists.

Musical Pleasures understands the pleasures of having talented musicians to honour us with great music. The company has rented out piano pieces to functions such as weddings, concerts and bridal parties. Not mentioning individuals who just wanted to see if they would enjoy owning or playing a piano. Musical Pleasures encourages parents to come and rent out a piano piece for their young one, this is a perfect way to see if this particular extra mural is suitable for your young one, you might just have a talented musician in your home.

Musical Pleasures has been in this industry for a long while and this is because we have passion for music, we offer the best competitive prices in the industry and have music experts to offer you exquisite service every time you need a sweet sound played for your pleasure.